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Hearing Instrument Specialists


Parvesh Khirbat


Parvesh Khirbat is a Hearing Instrument Specialist and CEO of Tri County Hearing. He grew up in Leesburg, FL and attended Saint Leo University. Parvesh has worked at the business for 5 years and is passionate about changing lives and providing help and education with hearing aids. One of his career highlights was being able to help his uncle hear again after chemotherapy.

Eric Parker

Eric Parker


Eric Parker has dedicated over 25 years working with individuals with hearing loss and or symptoms of hearing loss. His passion for the hearing industry stems from his father who had a severe hearing loss and went untreated for years. He understands the personal challenges associated from hearing loss and has made it his life’s mission to help people by answering the most commonly asked questions, providing education on hearing loss, and what you need to know before you buy a hearing aid.

In addition, Eric has worked for two of the largest hearing aid manufacturers bringing invaluable insight on the latest technology, insurance coverage, and differences between the various choices of hearing instruments.


Mayra Ortiz


Mayra Ortiz, HIS is originally from Brooklyn, NY and attended Laguardia Community College before moving to Central Florida. She has studied under national board hearing instrument scientists that are world renown. Mayra has been in the hearing industry for the past four years and was interested in the industry because of her drive to help people and change lives. She deeply enjoys helping people hear the sounds of life again. She feels that this profession is not a job but a passion and inspiration. Mayra is also bilingual in Spanish and English.


Divya Khirbat


Divya Khirbat, Hearing Instrument Specialist has been working in the medical field for the past 10 years, and in the hearing aid industry for the past 7. Divya is from India and has a Bachelor of Science from Mount Carmel College. She specializes in tinnitus, counseling, hearing device fittings and follow-ups, and has treated over 100 area residents. In her free time, Divya enjoys spending time with family and serving the community by helping elders at her church.

Eric Strawser

Eric Strawser

HAS., H.I.S.

Eric has been in the hearing industry for 4 years. He was born and raised in Central Florida, lives in Lady Lake, and loves going to Disney and traveling having gone twice to Japan.

His favorite part about his career is that he helps to change lives by improving interactions with others. He has watched many relationships suffer due to hearing loss and enjoys doing his part to help.

Heather Griffin

Heather Griffin


Heather is a native Floridian and has worked in the hearing healthcare industry in Central Florida for over 5 years. She began as a Patient Care Coordinator in 2015, then went into a management position in early 2016 overseeing 48 offices across Florida. She now works as a Nationally Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist for Tri-County Hearing Services.

Heather is passionate about educating her patients on the importance of their hearing health and ensuring they are comfortable through every step of the process. She loves being able to make a difference in the lives of others.


Joshua Schultz


Joshua Schultz, HIS works in the Inverness, Beverly Hills, and Crystal Rivers offices and specializes in tinnitus and hearing aid fittings, maintenance, and impressions. After growing up in Hoboken, NJ, Joshua attended the University of Southern Florida in Tampa. He has worked and lived in the community for 20 years and is passionate about helping his patients discover what they have been missing. He got into the industry to help people improve their communication and gain confidence. Joshua also enjoys reading and traveling.

Josh V

Joshua VonderHaar


Joshua VonderHaar is a Hearing Instrument Specialist who specializes in hearing aid adjustments, hearing aid maintenance, and managing ENT referrals for the practice. Josh has lived in Crystal River his entire life and has worked for Tri-County Hearing Services for the past 3 years. Helping people is what he enjoys most and got into the hearing industry because his grandmother had profound hearing loss and Josh was able to witness how hearing technology changed her life. In his free time, he likes to travel and spend time with his son.

Mark Silver

Mark Silver


Mark Silver, Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, has worked at Tri County Hearing for 2 years specializing in sales. A Florida Native, Mark is from Naples and has lived in the community for 15 years. His favorite memory from his work is helping a patient overcome her lifelong tinnitus sufferings. A fun fact about Mark is that he likes raw oysters!

Michael Leone

Michael "Tony" Leone

Licensed H.I.S.

Michael “Tony” Leone is a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist in The Villages and Santa Barbara, FL offices. He has worked in the hearing industry for the past 4 years and at Tri County Hearing for the past 2.5 years. He specializes in tinnitus and custom hearing aids. Tony loves helping people and improving their lives. Originally from Dunnellon, FL, Tony is a prize fighter as a hobby.

Sam Patel

Somil “Sam” Patel

H.I.S. Trainee

Somil “Sam” Patel is Hearing Instrument Specialist trainee who currently works to support the company daily operations and is enrolled in the training program to become a licensed hearing instrument specialist. Sam has worked for Tri-County Hearing Services for the past 3 years. His favorite part of coming to work every day is watching people smile when they receive proper hearing treatment. Sam is looking forward to completing the training program to help improve patients’ lives and be a resource for family members who are experiencing hearing loss. In his free time, he likes to travel.

Steven Delgado

Steven Delgado

Stay tuned, my bio is coming soon.

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